Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Still A Man's World

Fanboys can't understand female existential problems unless women are wearing skin tight catsuits. The Dark Knight? Really?

The AV Club's list of the best movies of the 00's

• indicates I’ve seen this movie:

50. Oldboy
49. Gerry
48. Crimson Gold

47. Moulin Rouge • (this was fun, but, in the style of Amy Poehler, "Really?")

46. Adaptation • (I concur. Meryl Streep was phenomenal.)

45. Audition
44. 4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days

43. Brokeback Mountain • (Slow. Beautiful. Heart crushing when he embraces that shirt.)

42. L’Enfant

41. The Dark Knight • (Puh-leeze. It stretched the genre probably farther than it's been stretched before, but there are only three stellar elements: Heath Ledger's performance; Aaron Eckhart's performance; and the tailoring. Did anyone else think they were watching a British GQ photo shoot?)

40. City of God
39. The Prestige

38. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring • (I love this film. Simple. Beautiful. And, now I want to live on a spinning house in the middle of a lake.)

37. A History of Violence • (I know this made some people puke or incited them to rage, but I thought it was an excellent visual treatise on why humans can be brutal. Plus, Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris are in my top five film bromances.)

36. Pan’s Labyrinth

35. Waking Life • (Yes, sir.)

34. American Psycho • (I didn't like this film upon first viewing, but I've cultivated a taste for it since then. It reminds me of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. I didn't get that novel after the first experience, but I've found brilliant insights on the human condition from both works of art. It should be higher on the list.)

33. Punch Drunk Love • (Yes, ma'am. Preserve the whimsy.)

32. A.I.: Artificial Intelligence • (This possibly contains the best performance of Jude Law's on film. I've only seen it once, but I remember being surprised and impressed. If I remember correctly, I had an intellectual reaction to this film. Usually Spielberg manages to manipulate a visceral reaction to his work.)

31. In The Mood For Love
30. WALL-E
29. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
28. Morvern Callar
27. What Time Is It There?

26. The Incredibles • (I prefer Finding Nemo. The Triplets of Belleville should have made this list. Robbed!)

25. Together
24. Yi Yi
23. The Man Who Wasn’t There
22. United 93
21. Zodiac
20. The Squid And The Whale

19. The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers • (Ugh. And, I love me some Viggo, but...ugh.)

18. Mulholland Dr. • (Brilliant. Weird. Best evocation of dream consciousness in film.)

17. The Royal Tenenbaums • (The best film on whimsical depression ever made. The best film on group existential depression ever made. In my opinion.)

16. Almost Famous • (Whatever. It made Kate Hudson relevant, and we've been stuck with her "acting" ever since. I prefer Fast Times and I miss Judge Reinhold. I'm just saying.)

15. Y Tu Mama Tambien • (Si, abuelita! The best and saddest beach movie ever made!)

14. Talk To Her
13. Grizzly Man
12. Before Sunset
11. Time Out
10. Children of Men
9. The New World

8. Capturing The Friedmans • (Stunning. Uncomfortable.)

7. Kill Bill Vol. 1 • (Aaaaaaahhhhhh! One of the best moviegoing experiences I have ever had. When the "To be continued" graphic came up, I cried out, "Noooooooooo!")

6. Spirited Away • (Pure amazingness. I don't want to know people who haven't viewed it. Masterpiece, y'all.)

5. Memento • (Color me underwhelmed.)

4. No Country For Old Men
3. There Will Be Blood

2. 25th Hour • (Crazy good. Ed Norton delivers one of the best soliloquies on film with his enraged valentine to New York. It left me wanting more.)

1. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind • (Was it this good? I remember raving for it after seeing the movie. Have I watched it more than twice? Do I need to? Did this usher in all the emo pretentiousness, and now I resent it mightily because of the unsightly sin of skinny pants on men?)

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